A Little Update

I’ve got a long list of “things to do”… but just can’t quite bring myself to do them.  All my energy is zapped which is pretty frustrating when I’m not sleeping.  🙂

I got home really late last Tuesday night and went to the doctor’s first thing Wednesday morning.  A blood test showed that I’ve got all my white and red blood cells back to normal (yay!) and all my electrolytes are in good shape too (yay!).  The only thing concerning is the elevated amount of liver enzymes in my blood which COULD be something to do with Hepatitis something-or-other but we’re not going to think about that right now. 

I had a really high fever for about 4 days, and apparently a really high fever breaks down muscle tissue (perhaps this is why I’ve got a little twitch.  Or maybe that’s just normal for being me…).  A breakdown in muscle could be what’s causing the elevated liver enzymes.  Apparently just having a super high fever can take a month to recover from.  Yikes. 

The doctor also said that the effects of Typhoid are like Mono… so I’ll be pretty tired for at least a couple of weeks.  I’m going back in for a blood test on Wednesday to check those liver enzymes again (blood test #5!  Woo!).  I’ve been feeling a little better everyday- which means I sleep just a little bit less and can walk just a little bit further. 

And then there’s the awful Cholera outbreak happening right now.  This is SO hard for me to hear- which is nothing to the actual suffering actually happening down there.  It started about 55 miles north of the Capital where I was volunteering but its been making its way closer and closer to Port-au-Prince.  I’m not concerned I contracted Cholera while I was down there, but I am a little anxious for the volunteers still down there.  Please keep them and all of Haiti in your prayers!

I have so many stories and pictures still to post- and I’m planning on doing that relatively soon when my brain works well enough to formulate a story.  Check back soon!

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1 Response to A Little Update

  1. Sister Mary Gloria Mar, FMA says:

    Thanks for your health update dear Monica. We thank God that you are doing a bit better. Please be gentle with yourself. Take one step at the time as the Lord leads you. We keep you in our daily prayer. Continue to keep us in the loop. Lots of love and prayer! God bless!
    In the Lord, your Sister Gloria

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